Our Metal Art and Custom Designs

Whether you love the country feel of rusty steel or a more modern touch of brushed stainless, we’ve got the tools and experience to craft your next sign or piece of metal art.

Steel Design Studio can bring your idea to life, be it through personalising one of our existing designs, or taking a concept you already have in mind and walking you through our custom design process. Why not have a look at some of our recent designs (below) for some inspiration.

We will work with you to determine exactly what you want and need, and explaining all the options including steel material and finish to match your design. The Steel Design Studio will then design and quote your order which includes both a time frame and a visual sample of your design from our CAD drawing software so you can envisage the finished product before you give us the go-ahead.

Your design is then laser cut and finished to your order specifications before being carefully packed and shipped, safely on it’s way to you!

Our steel options include:
– 2mm or 3mm thick mild steel
– 2mm or 3mm thick 304-grade stainless steel

Just so you know, the average sheet of steel is 1200mm by 2400mm, so dream big!

What is mild steel? How is it different from stainless steel?

The short answer is mild steel products will rust and that’s how we get the oxidised, rustic feel that you can see in some of our products.

The rate at which mild steel will rust is determined by many factors such as weather, proximity to saltwater, and exposure to the elements. Metal products will continue to oxidise once you have bought them but will last many years.

Stainless Steel on the other hand, as a general rule, does not rust. It has a beautiful, high shine silver finish which will give your design that modern, classy, slightly mirrored feel.

Do you still have questions? Want a quote? Simply email Steel Design Studio (using the contact form below) or hit us up through our socials

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